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Wp34s firmware update problem
08-19-2018, 08:23 PM
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RE: Wp34s firmware update problem
OK, never mind. I managed to find an old laptop with an hardware serial port, and succeeded to flash using MySamba. Maybe my USB<->Serial adapter is not compatible with the Linux tool.
Sadly, before finding that laptop, I suspected a bad connection between the cable and the calculator, so I tried to open the calc to clean the contacts. Turns out they were dirty indeed, but while opening the case, I forgot the two screws under the rubber strip, so I snapped the top face-plate in two. The calc still works, but two rows of pixels look "washed out". And one key lost its "click". So I made a new Wp34s using a boxed, brand new HP30b I had in my collection. I was a bit sad having to open the sealed box, but after seeing the price for as-new units (130€ in Europe) I have no regrets... Smile Let's say that's the price I had to pay for my haste and carelessness, and I hope the lesson is learned.

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