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A very photogenic couple
02-28-2021, 04:03 PM
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RE: A very photogenic couple
To Dave Britten

You can get scrolled output on Casio Graphical Calculators by the following method.

First ensure the output "cursor" is on line 7"

For 1->I To 7
" "

N.B. " " contains a single space character. A space character is required for CFX-9850G (and others?), but later calculators (e.g. FX-9860G and CG50) it can be a zero length string.

Then all you have to do is output a zero length string ("") followed by a Locate on line 7. The screen will scroll up and the Locate will add new output on line 7.

For example to output numbers 1 to 20 with scrolling

For 1->I To 20
Locate 1,7,I

Hope this is useful.
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