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HP calculator with largest math (stats, logic, etc..) and data structure functions
09-22-2018, 10:32 PM (This post was last modified: 09-22-2018 10:39 PM by Valentin Albillo.)
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HP calculator with largest math (stats, logic, etc..) and data structure functions
Hi, Pier:

(09-21-2018 05:30 PM)pier4r Wrote:  Which is the calculator, discontinued (to consider "final" works only, not ongoing projects), that received the most functions for math and data structure manipulation directly from HP?

For example the 71B has the math pac as extension, but that is directly from HP. So it counts.

Good. I take it that for "math pac" you mean the Math ROM, right ? Are you also including the many Library Solutions books HP produced and released as an official product (with its Product # and all) such as the Math Users' Library Solutions ? I would guess yes.

Quote:The 41 has surely something similar from HP as extension card.

Extension card ? You mean a plug-in ROM, right ? The most similar to the 71's Math ROM would be the Advantage ROM. There's also a Math ROM, but it's mostly low-quality though it probably should count as well.

Quote:Does the 71B have all the functions of the 15C ?

All that are relevant, yes. For instance the HP-15C's MATRIX 2 and MATRIX 3 operations used to change the format of real matrices to help in implementing complex matrices operations aren't needed at all in the 71B's full complex matrix implementation.

Likewise comparing the HP-15C solver or integrate with the Math ROM FNROOT and INTEGRAL implementations would be wrong, their capabilities are vastly different.

In conclusion, merely comparing the number of functions available without regard to their specific capabilities is highly misleading.

As another example, some "Polynomial Root Solver", written and submitted to some HP users' library by some random user in RPN and made available by HP as a listing and/or a magnetic card, could hardly be compared to the HP-71B's "Polynomial Root Solver" (aka PROOT) written by the professional wizards at HP in Saturn's Assembly Language and released in a perfectly-documented ROM.

Quote:Counterexamples can also greatly help. [...] Or "the 15c could do that, the 42S couldn't".

There are some relevant things the 15C can do which the 42S can't. Just for instance, the HP-15C has a parallel 4-level complex stack so you can enter 4 complex numbers on the stack using just the stack. You can't do that in the HP42S.

Quote:For example the user library programs for the 67/97, when redacted and supported by HP, for me are like HP contributions.

If (and only If) they are redacted (i.e.: written) and supported by HP (not by random users) then yes. But If and only If.

Anyway, I'd suggest you restrict your count to HP-produced (Product # and such) math materials for each relevant model and disregard anything else (including such marvels as the JPC ROM for the 71 or the many ROMs written by Ángel Martín for the 41C models). And still the qualitative differences among similar functions would remain and would be highly relevant so something should be done about it if the comparison is going to be fair and the results meaningful.

Regards and have a nice weekend.

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