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testing the cas
09-26-2018, 06:04 PM
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RE: testing the cas

solve( [a+56/10=66/10, -a+3*b-12/10=-22/10],[a,b]) returns [[1,0]] // list

list2exp( solve([a+56/10=66/10, -a+3*b-12/10=-22/10],[a,b]), [a,b]) returns (a=1 and b=0) // expression as equations and boolean =)

exp2list(ans(-1)) => [[1,0]]

but they are not available in the HP Prime, please BP, incorporate these two very important functions

Bernard >

I do not decide myself which command is visible or is not visible on the Prime, otherwise I would obviously make all Xcas commands available. It's different on the TI nspire CX and Casio Graph 90+e ports where I have full control of the set of commands (and I enabled all the commands on the nspire, and all that could fit on the Casio). Unfortunately, exam mode desactivates access to KhiCAS and the QCC does not take KhiCAS in account.

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