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Nixie display problem - OT (!)
10-01-2018, 07:13 PM
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RE: Nixie display problem - OT (!)
(10-01-2018 06:27 PM)Zaphod Wrote:  
(09-30-2018 12:09 PM)Paul Berger (Canada) Wrote:  Data sheet for the ZM1080 can be found at and it states min supply voltage is 170V.


Yes, but look further into the data sheet (the next page) and it states ‘maintaining voltage’ (what I callled sustain voltage) is,as I stated: 140v

Sure but when some of the digits are constantly changing and may even be multiplexed I would think you would need to be nearer the striking voltage. In any case voltage in the range of 170 to 180V is not going to hurt the tubes as long as the current is controlled.
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