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CAS: 0/0 is undefined, however 1/0 is infinite?
10-22-2018, 12:09 AM (This post was last modified: 10-22-2018 12:31 AM by sasa.)
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RE: CAS: 0/0 is undefined, however 1/0 is infinite?
(10-21-2018 05:40 PM)Joe Horn Wrote:  Your problem is that you never had me as your math teacher. Big Grin

Hardly possible. We are probably in the same age... ;-)

Quote:Prime's CAS is a tool which works by default in the Reimann sphere of numbers. Use it that way. If you want to work in some other number space, either tell it so, or stick to Home view (in which you can enable or disable complex results).

Thank you. These are exactly my points. To simplify all maximally:

1. In an early grades, kids will first learn positive natural numbers and concept of zero. WTH are negative numbers?

2. Later will learn what are fractions and real numbers and what is square root . WTH is (i) ? SQRT of negative numbers is not defined in real plane....

3. Learning later about complex plane, calculus... it will learn eventually what the extended complex plane is...

But, there is quite a way until that point!

Let back to the main point... Making CAS more customizable, should prevent student in certain learning phase to ask himself WTH questions. The same as it is in this thread - I would like to see ability to set limitation up to desired plane, not to be forced to get unexpected results in real and standard complex plane.

Some of my personal doubt about CAS limited settings in some cases (some of them I already pointed in an previous thread) during testing latest public beta and reading related PDF "User Guide" are following:

1. What is the meaning of "Simplify" setting in the Prime when calculator always return unsimplified result after derivation regardless the setting?

2. What is the point of "Complex" setting at all?

Furthermore, as an advanced tester of CAS in Prime, I would like to know what various levels of "Simplify" will exactly perform, not just description:
Minimum—do basic simplifications (default)
Maximum—always try to simplify

As most of PDF on Dr. Parisse site are wrote in France language, I would appreciate suitable references and links to documents in English...


P.S. As someone self-learned English (it is my second foreign language, though), my mental English vocabulary is mostly limited to technical content and for other social skills sentences may look quite harsh sometimes (and always full of syntax and semantic errors, I'm trying to correct in every post, if I even spot it)..

But be convinced they are not, it is only lack of finding more proper words. The purpose of all this is to point on some issues which corrections may make the product even better or more customizable for certain target group.

Thank you for your understanding.
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