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CAS: 0/0 is undefined, however 1/0 is infinite?
10-23-2018, 11:01 PM (This post was last modified: 10-23-2018 11:43 PM by sasa.)
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RE: CAS: 0/0 is undefined, however 1/0 is infinite?
Who ever worked with calculus, know that limits are the easiest part to understand, as they are quite intuitive. Where they are needed use it explicitly. However, generalizing that approach on a planes with strict definitions, simply fundamentally break everything and relativizes results, which are not desirable there, make it not quite understandable for a student in specific learning stage, knowing nothing about...

And what to do with them? That 13yo student ask math teacher to explain him higher math material in 5 minute which will fully understand? I do not think so...

This particular thread subject is just fundamental, revealing quite unpleasant CAS behaviours, I have already mentioned (limited settings and quite unexpected results). There is nothing to say more, that I did not already wrote in my first two posts.

Conclusion: if low grade student want to use modern CAS for symbolic evaluation only, should learn complete higher math in advance in order to avoid WTH questions. Or simply to avoid to use expensive CAS capable calculators and work on speed and precision to manually perform calculation in order to get valid and expected results.
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