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Solve Quartic with Casio FX-115MS
03-14-2020, 01:28 AM (This post was last modified: 03-14-2020 01:34 AM by SlideRule.)
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RE: Solve Quartic with Casio FX-115MS
(08-24-2019 12:47 PM)Albert Chan Wrote:  Note: … without the bracket, formula is ambiguous:

Most excellent article! I deployed 'GEMA' in my technical math classes, placing an additional emphasis on 'equality' { = ≠ ≡ ≈ < ≤ > ≥ := etc. } notation.
The article parallels (for me anyway) the many aspects relating fallacy and ambiguity in language as documented in Fallacies Arising from Ambiguity (APPLIED LOGIC SERIES), DOUGLAS WALTON, Department of Philosophy, University of Winnipeg, Canada, © 1996, ISBN 978-94-015-8632-0 (eBook).

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