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circa 1980 Casio with clock, similar to fx-8100
12-08-2018, 09:06 PM
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RE: circa 1980 Casio with clock, similar to fx-8100
(12-08-2018 08:32 PM)edryer Wrote:  It's a good question as the Casio calculators of the time '78-'82 that ruled the roost (FX-50xP/FX-60xP) certainly didn't (I had an FX-602P until recently).

There was the hybrid CQ series with alarms/time (CQ-1/CQ-81) but they were of course not Scientific, but do fit the time period (well at least the CQ-81 does, the -1 was probably '76/'77). One would assume it would have been from this series?

thanks; I'm not sure: the CQ seem to be desktop.

The one I'm remembering was definitely in a wallet (portrait-style) with (I think) a cut-out to see the time with the wallet closed, like the fx-8100. In fact the fx-8100 is very similar, but for some reason its display doesn't ring a bell with me like I was expecting. I have a strong memory of one from my secondary school days in Scotland, which limits it to 78–82. That would also mean it must have been scientific, e.g. fx series, for school maths use. I suspect also that it wouldn't have been programmable either.

I'm assuming it was Casio. I saw a Sharp EL-401 with a screen more like I remember, but it's not scientific, and for some reason I was convinced it was a Casio (all I owned for decades, though school/univ/work, until belatedly discovering RPN/RPL/HP recently).

(12-08-2018 08:50 PM)Steve Simpkin Wrote:  Not exactly the form factor you are looking for but there is the Casio CFX series of Scientific Calculator Watches introduced in 1983.

heh! yes, very nice Smile

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