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(50g) Bernoulli polynomials
12-29-2018, 02:18 PM
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RE: (50g) Bernoulli polynomials
Hello Keith,

of course here is the code:

« \-> M X '\GS(N=0,M,1/(N+1)*\GS(K=0,N,(-1)^K*COMB(N,K)*(X+K)^M))'

That is ttw's expression: when I input 11 and 'X', at the machine forced me to switch to approximative mode (If I refuse to switch in approximative mode, the program interrupts and ends...) I get after some minutes:



Most of the constants in front of the powers of X are approx. correct, but not the last one: .41678, that one have to be 0 or near by, because every Bernoulli number with odd n greater or equal 3 is zero. And the approximative numbers of X^4 or X^6 are drifting away from zero (it should be like the zero by X^8)

My program working with the integral returns:



The coeffcients are exact, because the machine works in exact mode.
So what is the problem: the summation function \GS or the combination function COMB?

After some work on the programs workig with summations the PSI function dont't appear any longer, but don't ask me why.

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