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HP-45 Repair Service
12-29-2018, 10:35 AM
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RE: HP-45 Repair Service
(12-29-2018 01:07 AM)JBerry001 Wrote:  I am sure the members get this question all the time, but please bear with me on this one. I have an HP-45 that I have owned since it was new in about 1975. It is still in pretty good shape but was was retired years ago in favor of an HP-32SII and later an HP-35S. The display flashes and is erratic when turned on. It may be something as simple as the on/off switch, or it may be more serious. In years past, I sent it back to HP in Washington State for repairs on a couple of occasions. I am interested in finding somebody that currently repairs these things - if anyone still does. Thanks in advance for your reply.



Maybe as for a lot of the models that had the batteries left in and corroded a few things. As you mention, switch could be faulty, but jiggling it would probably give an indication of good or bad.

Remove the batteries and look for corrosion. If you can, open it up by removing the 6 screws underneath, behind lower rubber feet and back label and inside battery cover.

The circuit board can be removed by alternately levering up the lower left and right corners so it disconnects from the keyboard pins.

Check on top and underneath for corrosion.

Handle the board from edges only as circuits can be damaged by the static electricity built up on your body.

If it cannot be repaired, try to contact Harald on this forum and get a MultiCalc upgrade board. As well as the HP-45, you will also have 26 other models to use all running genuine code.


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