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Really really fast BASIC handheld
01-09-2019, 04:03 PM
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Really really fast BASIC handheld

I tried something from which I have never expacted to be much much faster as the HP Prime.

And it's using interpreted BASIC on a small handheld:

Tada: The New Nintendo 2DS XL (release 2017) with SmileBasic (you can get this like games from the Nintendo Store).

It's fast!
Very Fast!

The Summation Benchmark:
M=MAINCNT 'Frames since start of Basic with 60 per second
FOR X=1 TO 100000
' pow is used because 3. Root doesn't exist
' RAD is used to change degree to radian because all trig function use radian
PRINT ROUND(10/6*(MAINCNT-M))/100; " sec" 'rounded of 2 decimal digits

The result:
0.55 secunds, Result 139536.56649434
compare this with the other handhelds like:

max = 100000
~ 7.7s - HW-Prime G2 , sum function
~ 9s - TI Nspire CX CAS, hardware version N-0118AB (2018), OS (2017):
C with Ndless. Post #147

This is 14 times faster then the fastest calculator the HP Prime!

And with max=1000000 (1 million) you get:
5.53 seconds with 1395587.74219818
And the precision of the calculation is not bad.

It's an interpreted program language, which support all feature of the 3DS (like backgrund music, 2 color display with 3d, sprites, aninimation, WIFI, gyroscope, mic, touch screen controls etc.) and all important mathematical functions you need for science.

And the RAM for the BASIC is big: more than 8 Megabyte.

I have programmed the ULAM spiral ( with changing the starting center and 240 by 240 numbers. The calculation of the first 110000 numbers if they are primes don't need not more than 1 second. And the print of the spiral is done several time per second.

If you knew any handheld (NOT PC) with a buildin language and editor let me know please!

(No, IDE on an external PC is something like cheating for me. I think that's reason to use a handheld or I can use a PC directly).

I hope this will show an alternative way to use existing devices!

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