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Really really fast BASIC handheld
01-11-2019, 07:11 AM
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RE: Really really fast BASIC handheld

I have tried the N-Queen Benchmarks.

The unstructured BASIC version with labels, because SmileBasic has no line numbers.
With OPTION DEFINT and a outer loop of 1000 I got this this time:
11.97 seconds, so less than 12 msecs for one run.
No bad for an interpreted language.

And I tried the structured version in BASIC with same conditions:
OPTION DEFINT and outer loop of 1000
12.52 sec, so 12.5 msec for one run.

Funny, the goto version is faster than the version with repeat, while and for.

And I have tried the Savage Benchmarks.

I have found 2 versions in this forum (why using 2 definitions?):
FOR I = 1 TO 2499
Time with a outer loop of 1000: 14.75 sec, so 14.75 msec per run.

2. Version:
FOR I = 1 TO 2499
Time with a outer loop of 1000: 13.42 sec, so 13.42 msec per run.

The result of A is 2500 in both cases. And I have tried to find the error with
2500-A. But it shows than 0.

I have found the first quirk of this BASIC. It show the floating point number with zeros and not a EE or so. If you calculate 69! the answer is several lines along with the many trailing zeros. Strange!

But the precision inside is good. I have calculate PI or e with several thousand digits. And there is no problem as far as I know.

I using the 3DS for fast grafic output, so the big or very small number output is not a problem.

If you are interested in the codes, I can post it here.

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