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Really really fast BASIC handheld
01-13-2019, 02:56 PM
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RE: Really really fast BASIC handheld
(01-12-2019 10:00 PM)berndpr Wrote:  I have tried some simplification like IF X GOTO or IF !X GOTO and the DIM A[9] outside the outer loop, but this version here is the fastest!

Thanks for your effort. I think pier4r is right with not accepting it as a calculator, but it's very close to a pocket computer
or similar devices like the organizers from Psion, Sharp and Casio or the HP-200LX.

(01-12-2019 10:00 PM)berndpr Wrote:  I don't know it's using a byte code interpreter, but after RUN the program starts mmediatly.

It starts immediately, because compiling the source to byte code takes a few msec only. Even the PB-2000C (8-bit, 0.91 MHz) needs around
1 second only to compile the C code to bytecode, if I remember correctly. IMHO the test result is too fast to be token interpreted.

(01-12-2019 10:00 PM)berndpr Wrote:  And as fare as I see, SmileBasic is round 10 times faster as on numworks and FX-CG50.

I think it's a relative good result for MicroPython, if we take into consideration that it's running at 59 MHz on the CG-50.

If your Casio SH-3/4 calculator feels too slow: Ftune and C.Basic

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