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Really really fast BASIC handheld
05-12-2020, 08:40 AM
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RE: Really really fast BASIC handheld
(05-12-2020 07:58 AM)Stevetuc Wrote:  
Quote:There's a Python 3 interpreter for 3DS XL or 2DS XL that includes the entire Python standard library including math, cmath, etc.

There is a port of the Numworks calculator to 3DS or 2DS on Github

This also brings Python in a more accessible way if the port is working well . Ill load the .3dsx onto my N3DS XL and give it a try.

I have it running on my N3DS XL

There is a bug that the alpha keys cannot be selected( the mode deselects almost immediately)
However the calculator seems to work and the python mandelbrot example runs
mandelbrot(100) takes 39secs to run    
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