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Really really fast BASIC handheld
03-10-2021, 03:57 AM
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RE: Really really fast BASIC handheld
Dear Steve,

and thank you for your answer again.

Because I own a numworks I know Omega.

But I'm not sure, I should use the 3DS jailbreaker, because my firmware version is now 11.14.0-46E and the decription for installing is for 11.13.

I know, Nintendo is trying to fix this hole of the DS OS and you must update the 3DS, if you want to get games from the store.

If I loose the store, I have really big problem, because I have a very big SD card (I think 64 Gbyte) with millions of blocks and more than 200 games. The DS is my favorate game console, too, more then PS4, switch and the older ones.

Some years ago, my old 3DSXL had a hardware failure and I have to bought a new 2DS. It was really hard to switch to the new 2DS, because the games are assiociated with the hardware. I had to download all games again, after the Nintendo support released it for my new 2DS.

Please can you tell me which firmware version has your 3DS?

For you info: SmileBasic can use more than a thread, because you can start some independent processes. But the 8 queen problem can only a single thread.

First I thought numworks on a DS is cool, but after rethinking maybe I'm not a Python man. My first high languages were Basic and Fortran (very Basic like) and until now, I never stopped using Basic.

The memory to store Python programs at numworks is really small. I can only input some little functions and that is it. Do you can store new python programs/functions on your SD card?

Have nice day!
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