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HP22S display compatible replacement
03-20-2019, 09:56 AM
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RE: HP22S display working but with black elliptical stain

just to report that I have finally repaired a HP22s and a HP32s displays following your recommendations (thanks!!).
The process was absolutely satisfactory:

-Open the calculator following one of the many tutorials available.

-Remove the board, leaving the display accesible.

-No not remove the display in any way.

-Remove the two zebra connector stripes (the black band goes towards the display)

-Peel the silvered adhesive plastic sheet that is adhered to the display.

-Clean carefully the display glass, removing the glue stains (is there are).

- This is the most critical issue: what can be used to replace the mate silver coated sheet? I suggest the mate side of home-use aluminium foil...I have tested many sources without optimum display tone. Remember : the mate side, not the bright. Carefully cut the proper size..

-Place this sheet in the display and use your finger to place it avoiding wrinkles!!

- I find there is no need to glue the aluminium foil to the display...

-Install the board back and test the calculator before putting the back side back.

That's all!

I have pictures, but high res...if you want, I can post them...after resizing.

Hope it helps,

Kind regards

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