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HP Classic Calculator (HP-65) back label
04-07-2019, 10:31 AM (This post was last modified: 04-07-2019 10:32 AM by albertofenini.)
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RE: HP Classic Calculator (HP-65) back label
Sorry it took so long ...
So far so good, the label is quite flat, except for some wrinkles, and the corners stay flat.
Today we did it on an HP65
I must say the we purchased an HP65 on ebay almost immaculate, and most important of all
never opened, thus the label was like new.
Removing the label has created very few wrinkles, and it was by far in a better condition that the last one.
It is in German since the HP65 came from Germany, but we applied to one of the old HP65 we restored this winter.
The one we acquired will probably get a replacement label since I want to have it in English and new.

We have used different technique to get it as much flat as possible including ironing but with little results.
Still the spoon is the best method so far.
We use it on the curved side to smooth the wrinkles and at the final on the opposite side to
give the label a inward curve, which helps to stay down in the drying process, hope I explained this clearly.

Than we cut some cork material, the exact size of the label, this will help to apply a uniform pressure
however a more rigid material will probably more effective.
The advantage of the cork is that we can use to move it along the label to push it down without ruining the printed surface.
So we will probably need both, cork and plastic.

We clamp some paper clips and periodically we check that not bubbles are under the cork.

Finally remove the excess of glue with some solvent that is usually used to dry clean clothes
(word fail me for this)

This is what we got so far :


Edoardo & Alberto
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