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HP Classic Calculator (HP-65) back label
05-31-2019, 01:09 PM
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RE: HP Classic Calculator (HP-65) back label
(05-31-2019 12:32 PM)albertofenini Wrote:  Hi Bob
we improved a little on these points :
1. heated more than other times the back case with the label
2. being more continue and regular in the movement of peeling the label off
3. used a wood tool (we may post a youtube video) for flattening the label once put in a plastic badge holder
4. changed glue brand
5 for the first time we have put glue on both surfaces
6. used some soft wood cork material to press the label

over the weekend we have more label to to do and will share the results
take care and thanks for the appreciation

Thank you Albert for these notes. I think a video is an excellent idea, as the key to success for this process seems to be the technique used, more than the tools. Of course there's no rush.

Although often there is not much feedback on your rescue/repair posts, I really appreciate reading them and I'm sure lots of other folks do too. It's also cool that you share this time with your son; he'll have an appreciation for these old school products and technologies that very few peers his age would have!


--Bob Prosperi
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