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HP Classic Calculator (HP-65) back label
06-02-2019, 08:41 PM
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RE: HP Classic Calculator (HP-65) back label
here we go, we did a couple more labels today, and here are the pictures, one is English, one is German
The English was in better shape so the result is absolutely better, not good as the first one in this post, but good enough.
We know that there are replicas for sale, but we try to re-use as much as possible the original materials,
it is not better or worse, right or wrong, is more a way of thinking what we intend for "restoration".
First the materials, we usually put the label in a badge holder, than we wood tools we flatten it
as much as possible.
Some tools have a rounded corner, some a sharp one, depends how deep the wrinkle we use onw or the other.
All are from domestic recycle, you will also see a manual de-icer for car glasses ...
In the video, we will post it on YouTube soon, you will see how we use them.
You also will see that the initial status of the label obviously makes the difference.
Given the same tools and same skills you will notice that the German label gave a worst result.


Then you will see how we protect the back of the cal, and how much glue we put on both sides


Edoardo & Alberto
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