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Compensating for HP-35S’ shortcomings
01-27-2019, 05:39 PM
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RE: Compensating for HP-35S’ shortcomings
(01-27-2019 05:04 PM)Jlouis Wrote:  
(01-27-2019 04:31 PM)Csaba Tizedes Wrote:  Big Grin me too: "buy a 48xx or 49G", but my favourite my 32SII to replace 35s.
very limited size of programming memory
Yes, maybe 1 byte program counter? (384byte / 1.5byte/steps = 256steps).
And the memory shared between vars+stats and program area, that is the worst idea when the total memory limited. The CASIO can solve it without any problem: eg. 4000P ~500steps AND 26 vars. If you have 0 remaining program step, the 26 var is available without limitations.

Another example, where the CASIO is the winner: The TI-57LCD has 48 program steps OR 6 vars, the CASIO fx-50F has 28 steps AND 7 vars. When the number of required memory registers increase above 3, the very limited CASIO pushes down the more capable TI.
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