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Best Pol/Rect and Complex Number Decomp for 35S
01-26-2019, 04:23 PM (This post was last modified: 01-26-2019 04:47 PM by Dieter.)
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RE: Best Pol/Rect and Complex Number Decomp for 35S
(01-26-2019 01:04 PM)rprosperi Wrote:  ...if you look closely you'll see these routines preserve the stack (incl LastX) and flags...

Yes for the stack and flags, but No regarding LastX. Which is not preserved – on exit it contains a complex number or a vector, respectively.

But it can be done. The following modified versions also preserve LastX:

P001  LBL P
P002  FS? 10
P003  GTO P011
P004: ABS
P005  X<>Y
P006  R↓
P007  R↓
P008  eqn ARG(LASTx+i*REGZ)
P009  eqn ABS(LASTx+i*REGT)
P010  RTN
P011: CF 10
P012  XEQ P004
P013  SF 10
P014  RTN

R001  LBL R
R002  FS? 10
R003  GTO R011
R004: ABS
R005  X<>Y
R006  R↓
R007  R↓
R008  eqn LASTx*SIN(REGZ)
R009  eqn LASTx*COS(REGT)
R010  RTN
R011: CF 10
R012  XEQ R004
R013  SF 10
R014  RTN

The R routine is even one step shorter. ;-)

Equations in programs really are a nice feature of the 35s. They simply return the result in X and push the stack by one level, while no other stack registers – including LastX – are affected. So these programs simply move the original X to LastX (by means of the ABS command in line 004) before they finally return the two results in Y and X.

For those who are not that familiar with the 35s equation mode: REGZ and REGT are entered by pressing the [R↓] key and then selecting the respective register X, Y, Z or T from the menu.

Stack diagram for →P:
T:  t        t
Z:  z        z
Y:  y   =>   θ
X:  x        r

L:  ?        x

Stack diagram for →R:
T:  t        t
Z:  z        z
Y:  θ   =>   y
X:  r        x

L:  ?        r

Finally, if the state of flag 10 does not have to be preserved the code can be even shorter. In this case remove line 011...014 and replace line 002...003 with "CF 10".

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