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[free42] Bugs and feature requests
01-27-2019, 10:25 PM
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RE: [free42] Bugs and feature requests
(01-27-2019 01:56 PM)SammysHP Wrote:  Just a minor issue: I found an inconsistent behavior of back in the printout in 2.0.22c. Usually the back action is executed on release, but in the printout already on press.

That has got to be the most nit-picky Free42 bug report ever. I like it. Smile Unfortunately, I don't know how to fix that in a way that would work in all Android versions back to 2.2. If any Android expert can enlighten me, I'm listening.

(01-27-2019 01:56 PM)SammysHP Wrote:  In addition of tapping on the LCD, what about adding a new entry to the calculator function list to open the native menu? Or even better: Adding the top level functions of the native menu to a new menu in the calculator? This would remove some issues related to different versions of Android and also allows a more consistent user experience (on the same platform by not leaving the simulated calculator and even between different platforms because there are less native menus). Also it adds the ability for example to open the printout programmatically.

The whole point of the new main menu is that it should work, and work the same, on all versions of Android, old and new, including oddballs like the Amazon Fire HD. Are you saying it doesn't?
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