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WP-34s: how to create/edit skins?
05-06-2014, 02:58 PM
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RE: WP-34s: how to create/edit skins?
Here are the skin files I've made up, which I hope some people might find useful. They are based on the "modern" skin, 400x650 pixels. I reduced the automatic h-shift areas to the minimum possible.

Rename the ".xskin.txt" file to ".xskin", and copy it into the "skins" folder. Copy the ".png" file into the "images" folder. If you want the SVG file for future editing, rename the ".svg.txt" file to ".svg", and store it anywhere. Any problems, let us know.


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.txt  5 RPienne 34s V3.xskin.txt (Size: 89.84 KB / Downloads: 13)
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