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newRPL - can't restore to 39gs
04-07-2019, 01:28 AM
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RE: newRPL - can't restore to 39gs
(04-05-2019 08:56 PM)franco51 Wrote:  Hi, it's a pity your hardware is not reproducing the issue consistently.

Any help I can offer to resolve it is pretty limited but as my hardware fails every time, I would gladly undertake some testing when you are in a position to release something.


No need, I know why your hardware fails. Actually is not your hardware but a software issue.
Windows enforces a fixed packet size for HID USB transmissions. Other OSes don't, and I guess at some point, I got fed up with the slow speed and increased the packet size. Works well in Linux but completely breaks in Windows, as Windows plainly rejects the packets.
I could just change one line of code, recompile and publish to solve your problem... except now nothing works until I finish the new protocol. But rest assured it will work on Windows, just slower than it could be.
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