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WP-34S: Stopwatch - bug, feature, or user error?
05-10-2014, 06:06 AM
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RE: WP-34S: Stopwatch - bug, feature, or user error?
(05-09-2014 11:21 PM)Brad Barton Wrote:  
(05-09-2014 09:56 PM)Marcus von Cube Wrote:  The problem is that in deep sleep the processor is shut off and so are the interrupts. The only reliable time source during deep sleep is the RTC with a resolution of a second. I'd say: forget saving battery and just disable the shutdown while the stopwatch is active. The battery consumption shouldn't be excessive anyway because the stopwatch doesn't need a lot of processing power.

I should've realized that your group would have already implemented something so simple if it was possible.

Maybe a flag setting to let the user decide if he wants to disable sleep mode if the stopwatch is running would be simpler.

The ingenious ideas may just be the simple ones not seen yet. Wink

Just crossed my mind like a neutrino: Anybody running the stopwatch without displaying tenths of seconds may be
  • realistic and/or
  • not interested in short time differences (with 'short' meaning <4' Wink ).
Since displaying tenths is startup default, let me suggest: IF tenths are turned off AND the stopwatch is running THEN automatic power down shall be turned off.

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