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WP-34S: Stopwatch - bug, feature, or user error?
05-10-2014, 03:56 PM
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RE: WP-34S: Stopwatch - bug, feature, or user error?
(05-10-2014 02:29 PM)walter b Wrote:  Exactly therefore I made my suggestion as I did above. Please don't propose something you already know it's worse. Perhaps my English left space for improvement, so let me rephrase my suggestion:
"IF tenths are turned off AND the stopwatch is running THEN automatic power down shall be disabled."
As Marcus indicated, the stopwatch alone won't drain the batteries quickly.


[rant] I sometimes find me wishing some claiming their mother tongue starts with 'E' would care for the precision of their written statements half as much as most folks do whose mother tongues start with different letters. Less uncorrected typos on this forum, less grammar faults, less cryptic sentences, less decoding efforts in a foreign language, ... Perhaps those 'E' folks could also try to decode in their language what a foreigner may have meant who took the effort of expressing it in it? I faintly remember a sign a late CEO of IBM put on his desk so his visitors could read it as well: THINK! [/rant]

My apologies Walter. I was attempting to help find a way to maintain the stopwatch's function while the calculator is in sleep mode. I thought by floating the idea, one of your team could refine it into a successful method. "THINK!"-ing is the response I was hoping to inspire.

In addition, please feel free to point out the part of my message that you found to be imprecise or misspelled. It is not my intent to be unclear, nor do I wish to offend those to whom 'E' is a 2nd (or 3rd) language.
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