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HA! I found out where marketing...
03-24-2019, 06:24 AM (This post was last modified: 03-24-2019 07:46 AM by Geoff Quickfall.)
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HA! I found out where marketing...
Got the idea for the colours on the Prime!

As you all know there was a bit of controversy while beta testing the Prime with respect to the low contrast colour selection on the keyboard.

I think the original colour scheme was unanimously turned down by the HHC group during the beta phase. Marketing went ahead with the colour scheme:

2013 thread

2016 thread

Well on a trip to Shanghai I discovered the inspirational source for the earlier version colour scheme on the Prime!

First though, a shot of the sunset on the way to Shanghai from Vancouver:

[Image: 1480FBA7-700D-4EF9-8D13-9F25E41DA9A8_zpsrlxfxtyd.jpeg]

Now a shot of the night time view from the hotel. It feels like a scene from Blade Runner. You expect an air cab to sail past.

[Image: BA8CF386-E45C-4AF9-9E69-8161EEC1E2A3_zpsflvhcgwt.jpeg]

A view from the Bund across the river:

[Image: 88B726EF-7A08-4030-8578-DE62F01D2285_zpsifeh5ijw.jpeg]

And finally the inspiration for the initial key colours for the Prime taken in the Shanghai terminal at gate 78 leaving for Vancouver:

[Image: E4425AC0-0A93-4C47-8E41-3C5EEA6B7BB5_zpsh3res0hw.jpeg]

[Image: 8C60BC99-E561-4062-86E4-CB5CEF27DCF2_zpsgtjey5ff.jpeg]

Mabey I should have waited to post on April 1st!

Cheers all,


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