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USB48G - Upcycle Broken Hp48 Keyboard
04-22-2019, 01:46 PM
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RE: USB48G - Upcycle Broken Hp48 Keyboard
(04-18-2019 01:08 PM)rprosperi Wrote:  Very cool Michael, thanks for sharing this project.

Are kits going to be made available to buy for folks (like me) that are not skilled enough to make my own?

Excellent answer for the somewhat awkward use of a normal keyboard with emu48, etc. Really clever!

Excellent work!
I've always wanted the feel of the 48 keyboard on another machine. Turning it into a USB keyboard makes it useful again!
It's a great tutorial and great info, thanks to you now other people can also connect the 48 keyboard as GPIO to any DIY board. Actually... Instead of putting an AVR in there, it would be nice (as the next evolution) to put something tiny like a Raspberry pi zero and an LCD display? You could emulate the 48 right there inside the original case (or any other calc for that matter). I think the 48 form factor has plenty of space inside to make an attempt.

Anyway, thanks for sharing this! Great project, keep them coming, we'd like to see more!
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