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Silurian hypothesis
04-25-2019, 11:07 PM
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RE: Silurian hypothesis

(04-25-2019 09:39 PM)pier4r Wrote:  I don't really enjoy such speculations as it is hard to test claims.

Exoplanets were also pure speculation until 30 years ago. Speculation (at least sensible speculation) lead to research programs and research programs (sometimes) lead to discoveries. There is absolutely nothing wrong with speculation!

(04-25-2019 09:39 PM)pier4r Wrote:  As last speculations: Imagine another civilization that never discontinued their 41c . I guess many here would be ready to accept them as our overlords.

Not me. I never liked the 41C much. In part because the LCD 16 segment display is one of the ugliest things ever invented by humankind. I am really glad that we have evolved beyond that!

(04-25-2019 09:39 PM)pier4r Wrote:  I'm not aware of anything that could last so long with the Earth geologically active.

I think we have made quite a lot of things by now which can survive extreme conditions. Uranium-oxide pellets that serve as fuel for nuclear power plants. They melt beyond 3000°C. Nothing is naturally so hot on Earth. The same applies to some types of ceramic. And if it does not get molten by lava, gold and stainless steel can withstand almost anything our planet has to offer for many millenia. Finally there are thousands of satellites in earth and solar orbits some of which may stay there for millions of years. And all the stuff we left on the moon of course. Archeologists a million years from now have a good chance to find some of our civilisation remains.

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