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Silurian hypothesis
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RE: Silurian hypothesis
(04-26-2019 02:40 PM)Maximilian Hohmann Wrote:  Anyway, in the scope of this thread none of that matters much because no HP-41C will survive long enough to be of interest for any future archaeologist.


Interesting! What would take to let them survive (if not functioning, at least physically) for a practical eternity? (say 1 million years)

The dame could be applied to every similar objective in type and size.

Burying them in a box and then concrete and them burying them somewhere but not too deep?

If it is deep, I am afraid that gelogical movements will crush the crate. Although 1 million years may be not enough for large geological movements in some parts of the world, better not to risk it.
If it is shallow, then water can slowly erode it and pulverize it.

Instead of concrete, a massive rock that is drilled and the content placed in the middle and then the hole closed with concrete? I still think it could last a bit more but not much more than the example above.

Any other idea?

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