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Silurian hypothesis
04-26-2019, 09:27 PM
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RE: Silurian hypothesis
Hi, pier4r:

(04-26-2019 07:29 PM)pier4r Wrote:  Interesting! What would take to let them survive (if not functioning, at least physically) for a practical eternity? (say 1 million years)

Nothing, short of a genuine supernatural miracle. For example:
  • anything plastic will turn to dust in much less that 1 Myear, plastic is unstable
  • same for LCDs and most other non-metallic components, even glass, which is unstable too.
  • apart from geological activity such as earthquakes, volcanism, etc., there's the ever-present non-negligible possibility that a sufficiently sizeable asteroid or comet hits the Earth, and matter of fact within 1 Myear from now you can count on a number of cataclismic impacts that can melt considerable areas on Earth, possibly even continent-size.
In the long run, such as 1 Myear or more, the Earth's surface will surely get seriously affected by a number of phenomena whether of internal or external origin. I'd suggest you actually watch (not simply read about it) the film Melancholia, (a 2011 psychological drama science fiction art film written and directed by Lars von Trier) which carries this concept to its final consequence in its awesome ending.

It totally has to do with the ideas in your post and I heartily recommend it.

Best regards and have a nice weekend.

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