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It's all about honesty. (Long)
05-12-2019, 02:02 AM
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It's all about honesty. (Long)
Back in Dec. 2018 I put some items for sale at eBay.

Among them a couple of Blanknut units (C & CV) suffered from a weird damage in transit causing them to show altered display: some segments do not lite up.

Both units were fully functional before shipping.

Buyers contacted me upon receiving and I accepted the units back for repair and re-send at my expenses.

On the 41C model, the buyer receive his unit back at fully working condition, as expected.

The CV on the contrary shown a worse behaviour after repair and sent back.

The buyer then sent me a mail claiming for the unit to be faulty *again* (which is pretty logical)... BUT (and it is a big BUT) his mail shows some "insinuation" about my eBay listing was not totally honest as the unit may be considered "as is".

Since I'm in the 41 community for more than 16 years, and I will BY NO MEANS accept any doubt about my honesty, I just simply refund the original purchase+shipping and both shipping (the repair and returning) to get the unit back.


I do not sell not working (AS IS) items.

I do my best to keep *any* HP-41 on its best working order.

I can not be responsible for *any* transit damage on a +30 years old device.

Considering the above situation, and with great regret, I'm about to leave this community and focus on some other field of interest.

Some may think that a single "incident" does not justify such a radical behaviour, but please consider my point: if a buyer put my honesty in doubt, some others may also do the same and this is simply unacceptable.

My collection will soon be up for sale (all in "AS IS" condition to avoid any possible *misunderstandings"). Except to Italy.

I've enjoyed the time here and the many good friends I've found along these years (feel free to keep in touch, you know my e-mail).

Long live to the HP-41!

Diego Diaz.

"Do not suppose, check it twice."
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