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It's all about honesty. (Long)
05-12-2019, 07:33 PM
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RE: It's all about honesty. (Long)
(05-12-2019 04:06 PM)Jurgen Keller Wrote:  Diego

It’s wrong. It’s painful. It’s frustrating.
I can fully understand that you're upset. But ...

Don’t let him have this kind of power over you!
Take a deep breath and think of all the people here that highly appreciate you as person and your great contribution to this community.

Don't do something that you regret just because of one ungrateful person, it's not worth it.

Take care,
(05-12-2019 06:28 PM)Massimo Gnerucci Wrote:  So sorry to read this, Diego.
Being your first customer makes me feel more sorry to see that an italian is at culprit, or so it seems.

Please reconsider the whole thing and don't leave us alone; I would like to know the name of our friend, but I well understand if you prefer to keep the thing between you two.

Please, Diego, don't go.

I agree with Jürgen and Massimo. Don't let this selfish person control how you choose to have fun and share with other folks with similar interests and hobbies. You've contributed so much of your knowledge, time and most of all friendship to sooo many here that it would be terrible to let one selfish person ruin that!

In addition to years and years of giving to the community, your character is proven by your reluctance to publish the name of the offender here; despite desiring to know, I respect your decision to not name names. Neither do I expect this person to own up to this tragic series of events publicly. Of course, it still would be nice to know who to avoid dealing with... it would be mighty interesting if I (and a few other fellow supporters here) were to receive an email with only a name in the message...

Take time off to consider both the offense as well as all the love and respect shown here by so many long-time and respected members. I believe and hope you will conclude as most of us do that the good must be considered more than the bad. But whatever you decide, my long-lasting and sincere respect and thanks go with you.

--Bob Prosperi
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