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It's all about honesty. (Long)
05-12-2019, 09:01 PM
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RE: It's all about honesty. (Long)
Hi all,

Your response is/has been overwhelming (to say the least) and I really have no words to express my feelings about this. Thank you.

This alone, as well as some wise comments/advices received (both here and by private mail) should have been enough to reconsider my initial decision.

Also, along the past hours I've crossed a couple of e-mails with the buyer (whose name will remain undisclosed by all means).

In the first message he showed surprised about my reaction and the posting of this thread in the forum.

In my reply I pointed out some of the expresions and sentences from his previous correspondece which (to the best of my knowledge of the English language) cast doubts about my honesty.

To make a long story short, his last (long) mail expressed what I think is a sincere apology for what could be considered a very unfortunate selection of words to describe his frustration with the events that have concurred during this transaction.

Since I'm also a foreign English speaker, and certainly too picky in matters that I consider sensible, I have taken his last message for good and consider the issue closed.

Taking a good lesson from a bad experience, I will always remember this day not because of the eBay issue, but the friendly support you all have provided with your messages: You are the best!

With warmest regards.


"Do not suppose, check it twice."
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