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It's all about honesty. (Long)
05-13-2019, 02:32 PM
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RE: It's all about honesty. (Long)
Diego - thank you for showing whoever it was that ‘questioned’ your honesty that you’re the ‘grown up’ in the interchange. Excellent news that you’ll be staying.
Years and years ago, when my family and I moved to Sheffield, UK (1990), my son who was just 11 at the time was set upon in a local park by 4 16 year olds in the first week. We both used to watch David Carradine on the TV in ‘Kung-Fu’. So rather than go and hunt down the parents I suggested that we both should go to Local Kung-Fu classes together. Roll forward 6 years and we’ve both reached ‘Brown Belt’ level.
The Philosophy behind Kung-Fu is that where possible you don’t initially resort to a fighting position but by using a combination of learnt Catas you frustrate and embarrass your opponent by blocking all attempts to land and punches and kicks. It is doubly effective by not only frustrating but also ensuring that the ‘bully’ is totally shown up in front of his so-called mates/companions.
One of the main tenets of the Philosophy is to ‘not fight’ at all if possible, but not to be a doormat either!
Your effort to smooth out this situation (that was not even started by you!) just echoes what other members - true gentleman.

Never let other people live in your head rent free!

Denny Tuckerman
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