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It's all about honesty. (Long)
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RE: It's all about honesty. (Long)
I join to the good reactions about your stay, Diego. It is a reasonable decision...

In any case, I would like to express some comments about my experience dealing with HP41 repairs(/collection)...I believe that there are two types of HP41 calculators: the ones that got already repaired and the ones that will be repaired in the next future. They have serious design defects (IMHO), compared, i.e. with all classic series. Batteries leakage normally accelerates the process of screw posts plasticization. The idea of keeping the board contacts by mean of the four back half screws is not clever...time, hits, battery leakage, etc.. are the death.

When I send back a "repaired" calculator (not only the HP41) I cross my fingers. The worst you can hear when the parcel arrives is: "well, it's here, but it does not work!" This is typical in HP41series, but also in HP97 card readers and printers...

Despite all this, we do love them and for this reason, we all have done big efforts to provide solutions to the MANY problems that you can find in HP41 series. I like very much to repeat the words of DATAMATH website (sorry for quoting the dark side ;-D): "it's a Calculator Collecting Hobby - not a business!"...if you do not understand this, you should better get off the forum...

In the "classified" section we recently found a guy that wanted, in his first post in the Forum, to offer his calculator even more expensive than could be found in eBay!!!... we are freaks, but clever freaks!!

I would like to encorage you all to keep this brotherhood spirit, as much strong as possible...I have learnt a lot from you, and offered my modest contributions, following the same line: it's a Calculator Collecting Hobby - not a business!!!!

(Obviously, you see English is not my mother tongue at all ;-DDD))

Kind regards

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