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05-16-2019, 03:26 AM
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Well, I believe I'll let this for those who know what they are doing ...
Some years ago, I sent to Diego some memory modules in order to help him to produce his beautifull modules. He gave me one NovRAM.
Your comments and the word RAM made me to reflect about my complete ignorance and give his NovRAM a chance.
I removed the Stat module from my machine and pluged the NovRAM. Voilá!!!
This is what I was looking for: it has the HEPAX saved on it!! After reading HEPAX manual I could save a simple program in its RAM and execute it from main memory.
I hope when I get one Memory Lost the programs in NovRAM remain intact, as I have the X-Memory (a double one) installed but it cleans everything when I get the Memory Lost (nothing is perfect...).
Well, I was using the RCLP instruction to get programs from X-memory and run them. This is time consuming and very dangerous, in my opnion. Now, even this isn't anymore necessary: I'll run programs directly in Diego's module!! Great!!
For ending these letter: any advise to ports configuration for the double X-Memory, one Advantage and space for Wand, HP-IL (printer and cassette) plus the NovRAM? I'm using: 1 - NovRAM;2 - X-Memory (I suspect won't need it anymore...); 3 - Advantage; 4 - empty (HP_IL) or card reader).

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