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05-16-2019, 03:11 PM
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Hi, Diogo!!

You're a genius!!!
What a great work in such a small space! Unbelievable!!

I read all ZEMROM manual yesterday late night. It needs to be read a few more times to get understandin everything.

In particular, I have necessity to put some ROMs in it, if possible: the Advantage and maybe the Extended IO. I can do this just pluging the original modules and copying their content? If so, again, my compliments!!!

Also, I saw some special Math module - SandMath , 41-Z - or others that implements somethings like RCL+ RCL- etc.
If you have some suggestion, please, talk to me!!

About the Memory Lost, I understand your module has flash memory and, beyond this, all written into NovRAM is "ROM" - so, no risk to lose my hard to make programs! ;>)

The functions for listing contents are ok - looks like the X-Functions for extended memory. Very, very clever!!

(05-16-2019 02:30 PM)Diego Diaz Wrote:  Hi Arthur,

Good to know you've managed to put your NoVRAM module at work. ;-)

On the other hand your statement reagarding RAM contents erased by a [MEMORY LOST] is not consistent with the fuctionality of the NoVRAM (or the HEPAX module for that matter).

To transfer a program from user memory to HEPAX RAM you must use the HEPAX command "HSAVEP". (As described on page 22 vol 1 HEPAX manual)

Once the program is transferred it can be erased from user memory by CLP command.

After that the program will no longer appear on CAT 1, but on CAT 2.

Footnote on said page 22:
"Note that the HP-41CX only displays ROM headings in CATALOG 2. To see programs in HEPAX, stop the catalog before the HEPAX module, and press ENTER to list all functions and programs."

Hope this helps.


PS: Your port module usage is the correct one: 1-NoVRAM, 2-X-MEM, 3-*ANYROM*, 4-Free.

Many thanks!

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