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[17BII] Olivier De Smet's android emulator app
06-06-2019, 12:16 PM (This post was last modified: 06-06-2019 12:17 PM by cdmackay.)
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[17BII] Olivier De Smet's android emulator app
hi all,

I was trying Olivier De Smet's android 17BII emulator app but I'm having some problems getting it to work, which I think is related to the ROM image I'm using.

I have other of Olivier's apps, and have successfully got them, and other, emulators working with downloaded ROM images.

I have a ROM image, but it seems to be the wrong size. Olivier's Pioneer web page says:

for go17bii a 98304 bytes file to be named hp17bii.rom

but the file I've downloaded is much smaller:

mbp2018 $ ls -l hp17bii.rom
-rw-r--r--@ 1 cmackay  staff  68672  6 Jun 13:06 hp17bii.rom
mbp2018 $ shasum hp17bii.rom
cffed8d3a0d3d9b4c2e00814fabf32bbb8fc03cb  hp17bii.rom

is the file I have in the wrong format, and is there any way I can convert it, or otherwise obtain it?

[I do already have a physical 17B & 17bII+, and a 17BII in the post, but I understand the manual DIY ROM image extraction method to be long-winded, so was hoping to avoid it]

any ideas, please?

thanks very much.

Cambridge, UK
41CL/DM41X 12/15C/16C DM15/16 17B/II/II+ 28S 42S/DM42 32SII 48GX 50g 35s WP34S PrimeG2 WP43S/pilot
Casio, Rockwell 18R
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