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(05-16-2014 10:14 AM)Dave Britten Wrote:  As for using custom stuff, I too find it more satisfying to build a tool that does EXACTLY what I want, the way I want it, but be careful about falling into the not-invented-here-syndrome trap. If I need something much more complex, or want a highly optimized/tested SysRPL routine, I'll start rummaging around (I'm not going to try to build my own version of D->LIB, for instance). For the little tools, yeah, I'd rather bang out something in UserRPL. Much more engaging and customizable that way.

I admit to suffering from a bad case of NIH but I do have the excuse that I write software tools for a living and we have packaging and delivery concerns that create a very different model than many people are used to today. In almost 40 years I have never used anybody else's tools or middleware on the job and I have not pasted 1 line of anybody else's code in anything I've ever delivered. Just me and the OS.

That does spill over when I work on stuff for my hobbies. But I also like to learn about the device and OS interfaces and avoid 3rd party anything and if that makes me slower to get the user code I want written I usually bite the bullet and do without.

It is certainly not for a lack of appreciation of the talent, skills, etc. of the guys who write tools (since that's part of what I do) but just the way I look at things.

Thanks again, Bob, Dave. You guys are great!

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