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User defined touch-button menu (Softkeys)
06-21-2019, 07:07 AM
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RE: User defined touch-button menu (Softkeys)
Thanks for your answers! Smile

(06-20-2019 06:09 PM)Carsen Wrote:  Did you find & read this MoHPC thread when searching for a solution?
I see you are a new member so welcome to the Museum of HP Calculators!

Yes, I found that thread. However, I got massive Syntax Error when I tried the code (copied and pasted it). Still trying to figure out what went wrong. Besides, I understood it to work only in CAS mode.

(06-20-2019 09:17 PM)Gene222 Wrote:  ...I guessing that you just want to push a key and have the calculator type a function like SIN() into the command line in textbook mode…

Yes, you guessed right, that is exactly what I am looking for (in RPN mode). I tried already the workaround you suggested using a function and calling it via the Toolbox menu. At least four clicks until you get what you want (or three if you can call the last used function using <shift> <paste> <enter>). Hm… I won't give up yet.

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