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User defined touch-button menu (Softkeys)
06-30-2019, 02:48 PM
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RE: User defined touch-button menu (Softkeys)
(06-30-2019 09:06 AM)Arch Wrote:  Just two questions:

1. The program returns only the last result to the stack when you exit it. I want to calculate several times and use each result for further calculations in RPN. Is there a way that all the previous results are returned to the stack for further use in RPN?
2. While the code works fine on the virtual calculator, I got problems on the real one. The following actions will result in a shutdown of the calculator ("Your calculator has a problem and will be rebooted in 3 seconds"):
a. hitting <enter> several times after a calculation
b. pressing exit after a calculation

1. I don't use RPN on the Prime. So, I don't know how to take answers from the program and put them on the stack. My last RPN calculator was the HP-42 something. The one that had a two line display. I skipped the 48-50 series.

2. Your code works fine on my physical calculator. I have the early version of the Prime. I don't know the model number, but it's the one that has the light orange letters on the keys. I can't duplicate the "will be rebooted in 3 seconds" error. However, when "hitting <enter> several times after a calculation", I will get a division by zero error message. This is because the first press of the [Enter] key restarts the program. The program then clears or zeros the variables and displays the input screen. The second press of the [Enter] key is like pressing the OK tab on the input screen with no inputs. So you are running the program with inputs of a=0, b=0, and z=0. This causes a division by zero error message.

That WAIT(-1) code is just a beginner's example of how the WAIT(-1) works. There are plenty of other ways to program the WAIT(-1). They are just hard to find and are often difficult to understand.

3. How you use and program the HP Prime is entirely up to you. But if I were writing that program, I would not use "User Tabs" or "program tabs", particularly if I just got the Prime. They are just too difficult to program.
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