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(48G/GX) DIRSTAT - Find RAM Hogs
05-19-2014, 09:58 AM
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RE: (48G/GX) DIRSTAT - Find RAM Hogs
(05-19-2014 05:43 AM)HP67 Wrote:  Thank you, sir.

The line that says
Message-ID: <>

is the "usenet message id." If you have a good newsreader you can actually paste or type that in and it will send a command to whatever server(s) you are connected to and pull up the exact post if it's still being retained. And all of this with no participation of google.

Admittedly google does have an edge in retention since they vacuum up all stray bits on the net at taxpayer expense...

Yeah, I was trying to get just that line, but copy/paste in iPad Safari very frequently falls on its face and prevents selecting only very specific parts of text, so I had to grab the whole thing. For a company so obsessed with interface polish and usability, Apple does have a tendency to leave some really irritating UI bugs languishing for years.
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