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Software Defined Peripherals
12-25-2019, 07:30 PM
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RE: Software Defined Peripherals
Hi Erturk,

Congratulations on the new family addition! That's a project that will keep you busy for some time Smile

Quite impressive what you've done using the Arduino Mega! I'm adding some of your references to my own bookmark list. I'd be especially interested if you manage a Flex/09 port since that was one of my eventual goals when playing around with this retro system support idea. I don't have a Mega myself, but I'm highly tempted to give it a try, paired with one of your boards.

I've done the low level timing code on a Teensy 3.5, STM32F446 dev board, and I'm now looking into an NXP LPCXpresso55S69 dev board with support for FreeRTOS, USB VCOMs, and USB mass storage devices. I'm not so happy with the low emulation clock speed, 500 KHz at best, so I'm thinking of including external RAM in the next exploratory iteration and let the modern CPU just monitor the bus for I/O access.

If you're looking for another old chip to experiment with, consider the W65C816S from The Western Design Center. It was used in the Apple IIgs and Super Nintendo. Looks like a 6502 but turns into a 16-bit super-6502 with a 16MB address space by toggling a control bit. You can even get a few dev boards based on the 65C02 and 65C816 on Amazon or Tindie (something on my New Years resolution list).

Thanks for posting!

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