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Ti-58c: Strange behavior
09-03-2019, 04:56 PM
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RE: Ti-58c: Strange behavior
I bought the T-58c on ebay, it had no external power supply.

I was lucky because the battery pack, even if exhausted, was free of leaks.

The batteries were empty and when I turned it on the first time I could only see one '0' for a few tenths of a second, then it went off.

On the advice of Nigel (UK), I opted for an external battery pack loaded with its own charger.

When I turned it on the first time the keyboard tests are unsuccessful results, many bounces and keys that didn't work.

Furthermore, the first test on the module resulted in 0.

I took the whole calculator apart and noticed the lack of foam :-(

I also found a second processor (!!!) soldered to the math processor, maybe it's a repair job.

In desperation, I tried to take a plastic case of a CD, cut it to the right size and inserted between the keys and the keyboard.

As if by magic the keys are working again, even the test on the SS module gave a positive result.

Only the same behavior remains on the memorized variables that appear when switched on a few hours after switching off.



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