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Sum of three cubes for 42 finally solved
09-15-2019, 11:51 PM
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RE: Sum of three cubes for 42 finally solved
(09-15-2019 07:19 PM)DA74254 Wrote:  
(09-14-2019 09:14 PM)Gerson W. Barbosa Wrote:  34 significant digits are not enough for the task. That would require at least 50. Not a problem for the HP 50g in exact mode, though:




PS.: Unfortunately there are no solutions for 49 and 50.
Yes, I too saw that it need 50 significant digits. Though the Prime also in CAS manages the tak.

(09-15-2019 12:37 PM) Wrote:  DM42 running WP43C works. I did it last week when this problem surfaced. WP43S will work by implication also.


Where can I find the 43 program?

WP43C is a keyboard alternative version of WP43S using native DM42 keyboard.

WP43C details here: WP43C forum. Here are links to the emulator and DM42 firmware. WP43C code here Gitlab.
WP43S can be found here Gitlab, including emulator and a DM42 firmware image in the Gitlab repo.

Remember it is a work in progress and not finished. The emulator and firmware are snapshots as is now. The 43S files were updated Sunday night with a major update. The 43C files were update earlier on Sunday before the 43S update.

Either way, the functionality you would need for the 42 problem would work on both and is switched on per default, i.e. long integers are input if you enter numbers without a decimal point.

Interestingly, to prove the same point, another demo can be done to show the length of integer numbers, i.e. 290 [x!] 1 [+] 290 [x!] [-] renders 1. For those who don't read RPN, that is (290! + 1) - 290! = 1.

Jaco Mostert, Elec Eng
C43 on DM42, 42S, WP34C&S, 28C, 35S, 32Sii, had 11C; used 67, 85; iOS:42s, Free42, WP31S&34S, HCalc; OSX:WP34C.
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