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[VA] Good News, Everyone: Announcing my brand-new HP-related site !
09-24-2019, 11:59 PM
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RE: [VA] Good News, Everyone: Announcing my brand-new HP-related site !
Hi, all:

Thanks a lot for your interest and kind comments, much appreciated ! I'll now reply to each of you in turn in this one post so that I don't litter the thread with 16+ posts, scroll down to find your quotation and read on:

(09-20-2019 05:28 AM)Ángel Martin Wrote:  Congrats on the opening of your new web site, it's packed with gems and jewels and I'm sure it'll make the delight of lots of folks looking to peruse and study the materials included on the site. Looking forward to seeing it grow even further!

Thanks a lot, Ángel, it will steadily grow on a weekly basis approximately, real-life obligations permitting.

(09-20-2019 05:54 AM)Werner Wrote:  Well now, THAT is good news indeed! Thanks a million, Valentin!

Thanks to you for your continued interest, Werner.

(09-20-2019 05:58 AM)Massimo Gnerucci Wrote:  Thanks a lot Valentin! I am sure there's a lot of interesting stuff already there...

I hope so, even for me there's lots of interesting material in the selected threads, and many new materials never seen before.

(09-20-2019 08:16 AM)PeterP Wrote:  Fantastic news, Valentin! I'm so glad (selfishly) that the wounds healed and you are once again sharing your incredibly knowledge, insight, and fun adventures with the rest of the world. Its a treasure trove to behold!

Well, the wounds never healed but I decided to ignore them and go ahead full steam. Thanks for your very kind comments and your continued appreciation since very, very long.

(09-20-2019 09:33 AM)BartDB Wrote:  Thank you Valentin. Sharing your work like this is much appreciated, as is the time and effort put into it.

Thanks a lot for your interest and yes, it took quite a while to select and compile everything, write the new documentation and all the detailed descriptions and links, upload it all, and check it out thoroughly. Indeed !

(09-20-2019 11:47 AM)John Keith Wrote:  Thanks from me as well, Valentin, and thanks also to Eric for hosting!

Thanks for your appreciation and yes, Erich is much to be praised for his astonishing generosity and hard work which has allowed me to put my materials online once again after a decade-long hiatus.

(09-20-2019 06:39 PM)JurgenRo Wrote:  Thanks a lot, Valentin!
Best Wishes

Thanks for your appreciation, Jurgen.

(09-20-2019 08:44 PM)hibiki Wrote:  Valentin, your series of "Long Live ..." articles are my preferred and I always return to read and read them again. Hope you write more in the future. Thank you for storing all material in one site.

Storing it all in one piece was one of my main goals, so that articles, threads, etc., are not scattered here and there all over the Intenet, and incomplete at that. Now everything I've ever done or said HP-related will be immediately available, no search needed, no pieces missing.

And yes, I have more than a dozen unpublished articles and two more I've created while vacationing this year. I hope you'll find them interesting as well, thanks for your appreciation and (very flattering !) comments.

(09-20-2019 08:51 PM)Rob W Wrote:  Hi Valentin,I mostly just lurk on the MoHPC forum but I noticed your announcement, followed the link, and discovered a terrific little short story, Time Voyager
I loved it, thanks for sharing.

Why, thank you for your appreciation, this is about the one and only HP-related short story I've ever written and I did enjoy a lot writing it, so I'm glad it's found its audience. Thanks for letting me now.

(09-20-2019 09:28 PM)MattGreer Wrote:  Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees !! Thanks for your appreciation, Matt.

(09-20-2019 09:33 PM)Luigi Vampa Wrote:  Gracias Maestro :O)

No hay de qué, Luigi, gracias a tí por tu interés. (You're welcome, Luigi, thanks to you for your interest).

(09-21-2019 05:39 AM)Siegfried Wrote:  Thanks for sharing!

My pleasure, Siegfried, hope you like the contents and thanks for your appreciation.

(09-21-2019 08:17 AM)Gamo Wrote:  Thanks for sharing !!!

Thanks for your interest, Gamo, I really hope you'll find worthy materials for you there, which may inspire you to study, run, and even use them for your particular purposes.

(09-21-2019 08:42 AM)aurelio Wrote:  Congrats +1. Thanks a lot, Valentin

Thanks +10, aurelio.

(09-24-2019 04:01 AM)NoEqualsButton Wrote:  Wow, so much good stuff in there. Your photographs are beautiful! Pure HP porn. Especially the HP-25 - just perfect.

He he, I agree, my HP-25 came out looking really great in these pictures, what with that wonderful old-fashioned red LED display. Black LEDs, as in the HP-41C, were more convenient as far as not depleting the batteries so fast but then they couldn't be used in low light or utter darkness, which is when I used and enjoyed my HP-25 and HP-67 the most, in bed at night. The HP-41C ended that.

Thanks for your appreciation and highly non-standard comment.

(09-24-2019 08:12 AM)Martin Hepperle Wrote:  Thank you, Valentin!
Very nice and useful. Me, never being content: maybe you find some of your HP-85 stuff and the time to put something about it on your site? Your Othello game is well known, but maybe there is more...

Yes, certainly there is more, I'll try and locate it and eventually (though not soon) it will be featured in the site. I have first to buy a new PC and a scanner for it, my old PCs all died suddenly and my excellent Canon scanner has no drivers for anything newer than Win XP, courtesy of Canon which would have you buy a new scanner instead of releasing drivers for modern OS. Talk about "planned obsolescence".

(09-24-2019 11:23 AM)J-F Garnier Wrote:  Valentin, I bookmarked your site and will visit it regularly for new material. I may, if you don't mind, add links in my site to some of your resources - mainly HP-71B related :-)

I already enjoyed the VA026 - Boldly Going - Matrix Square Root and the VA711 - HP-71B Exact Integer Determinants and Permanents articles that I didn't know yet.

Thanks for your appreciation, J-F, I was missing some comment from you but it was worth the wait. Of course you have my permission to add any links to my resources in your site, or to mirror it completely. As long as my materials are provided for free, non-profit, the more dissemination the better.

As for the articles you mention, the first one is indeed an article. The second one (about determinants) is not an article, it's simply a program, just documented in scholarly-paper (think arxiv) style.

Best regards.

All My Articles & other Materials here:  Valentin Albillo's HP Collection
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