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[VA] Good News, Everyone: Announcing my brand-new HP-related site !
10-20-2019, 10:45 PM
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RE: [VA] Good News, Everyone: Announcing my brand-new HP-related site !
Hi, Bob !

A few short comments:

(10-13-2019 02:58 AM)rprosperi Wrote:  Valentin, I'd like to add my quite late congratulations and heartfelt thanks for publishing your amazing set of Articles, Challenges, Threads and other materials at long last.

At long last, indeed ! Thank you very much for your continued appreciation of my productions over the years, and your kind comments and support.

Quote:I have collected many of these pieces over the years and thought I had most of them, but I now see that you've authored quite a bit more than I was aware of.

That's actually the tip of the iceberg, actually I've published or made available just a tiny fraction of my entire production along more than 40 years.

Quote:I truly like your straightforward, clear and easy-to-use listing format, including the short summary descriptions which I find provide good context for selecting articles to read when curious about some topic. Also, the cross-references you've included among the articles make it easy to follow a particular topic or machine with ease. Very convenient.

Glad you find it convenient. I actually deeply dislike those sites that are mostly dressing and adds and very little actual content. They just waste my time and hog my bandwidth with useless and annoying garbage so I usually avoid them like the plague. Thus, my own site is designed to be as absolutely clear and convenient as possible, an utter no-frills approach.

Quote:Also, I'm glad you've also shared your many articles on Sharp machines, my second favorite handheld computing vendor Smile.

SHARP pocket computers and programmable calculators were every bit as good as HP offerings and even much better in many regards. Fortunately I've found many people loving and collecting both brands over the years, just as I've done.

Quote:Thanks again Valentin, for sharing all these great works with the community, and thanks to Eric as well for the hosting and his efforts to provide the framework to share this great collection. Bravo!

Again, thank you very much, and certainly Eric deserves all the praise directed at him, nothing of this would be possible without his infinite generosity and hard work to make it possible. Kudos to Eric ! Smile

New update (#003) coming next Wed. Oct, 23th.


All My Articles & other Materials here:  Valentin Albillo's HP Collection
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