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HP-41CL: Suggested module format update
12-23-2021, 02:29 PM
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RE: HP-41CL: Suggested module format update
I have not tested the V41 beta, I just looked at the ModEdit and played with it a bit, I really like it, much cleaner than my implementation!. Just a few questions:

- a MOD file with multiple ROMs must have all the same MOD types (MOD1 or MOD2) ? No mix?
- what is the maximum number of ROMs in a MOD file? I use this format for MLDL2000 backups, and there can be (in theory) more than 100 ROMS in one MOD file. I now receive a load error when opening such a backup file. Would be good to know your maximum. A MOD file with 12 ROMS works.
- I misuse the MOD1 format for a baclup of the Settigs Registers of the MLDL2000. This also results in a load error in your ModEdit.

As a suggestion, would be nice to have an indication of the 41CL CRC of the image.

(12-20-2021 06:42 PM)Christoph Giesselink Wrote:  A new release of V41 is not planned at the moment, so a public beta version of V41 R9Hb1 supporting the MOD2 format is available at

Caution: Don't start the V41.exe file outside it's installation directory. The environment is missing and so the MOD files are not found which may then removed from the current LOD file!

I tested this feature by converting NUT-CX.mod and HEPAX.MOD to the MOD2 format. NUT-CX.mod contain only read-only modules, whereas HEPAX.MOD contains writable QROM modules which are updated when the session is closed.

Regards, Meindert
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